Caring for Your Jewelry


Care Required: Storage And Tips


The Eco friendly jewelry require some special care so that the parts maintain their natural vitality, texture and color. There are some tips for conservation that have to be observed:

  • Avoid contact with water, chemicals, creams, perfumes, exposure to sunlight and high temperatures.
  • Clean before storing, using a dry cloth of flannel.
  • Store in a dry place, avoiding humidity. If it does get wet, first let it dry before putting it away.
  • Handle them with care, because they are handmade and fragile.
  • Silver is a metal that oxidizes very quickly, so after using it, clean your Eco friendly jewelry with a clean, dry cloth to remove the natural fat from the skin, contact with creams, etc. Store it wrapped in clean cloth.
  • The jewelry made with cattle’s horn, may lose their brightness with time. To restore it, use a clean, dry cloth or, carnauba wax already prepared, found in building material stores. Let it dry thoroughly, for about an hour and then remove the excess wax with a clean, dry cloth, polishing it to restore the original brightness of the piece.
  • The decorative products and utilities should not experience large temperature variations. Do not bring utilities to the conventional oven, microwave and dishwasher.


Obs: Being A Product Of Natural Origin, There May Be Some Variation In Color And Form, And This Is Not Considered A Flaw, But A Unique Characteristic Of Each Eco Friendly Jewelry Or Product.